Come and cheer your friends as they go through Hell

Spectators are important to our participants. When participants achieve something they have never done before or cross that finish line for the first time there is nothing better than having a friend, family or loved one to give them a cheer a hug and a high five to mark their goal. That’s why spectators are not only free they are encouraged to get involved by cheering, yelling, shouting or even volunteering on course.


Volunteers are the backbone of what we do and without them our events just would not happen. If you would like to volunteer at Muddy Hell then please complete our Volunteer Application Form and run in the volunteer wave or earn FREE registration for the next Muddy Hell event of your choice.

Volunteers work in two shifts:

  • AM SHIFT: 8:00am to 12:30 pm
  • PM SHIFT: 12:00pm to 4:30pm


Some useful info for spectators, if you cant find the info you need here email us on info@muddyhell.com.au

It’s absolutely FREE!
Come down and enjoy our festival area as well as cheering on your friends as they go through Hell!

Is the event safe?

Absolutely. We have trained medical staff on-site ready to assist and have all the appropriate insurances just in case.

Download our waiver