Got questions? We’ve got the answers.

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Keep and eye on the weather and dress accordingly.
Our recommendation is gym wear, compression clothing and grippy shoes.

Don’t wear anything that will get heavy when wet.

Do not wear clothes that you really really like as they may never be the same again 🙂

If for any reason you cant make it just let us know at least 72 hours before the event and we can transfer your ticket to another person or another event.

See the contact us page for details on how to get in touch.

Well yourself of course
A change of clothes for after
A change of shoes
A towel (an old one if possible)
Plastic bags for dirty\wet clothing
Cash so you can get some sweet merchandise and food
Yes there are showers,
We do have hot showers at most events but hot water isn’t always guaranteed as some naughty people just use it all up. (yep just like home)
Early wave times are more likely to get a warm shower.
We always get a few vendors to come along so you have some food options to choose from. Mostly we try and have healthy options but sometimes we include a little naughty indulgence….. because you earned a treat 🙂
Yes we do take photos. We have a couple of awesome photographers that come to our events and work super hard to get good photos of you all.

Keep in mind that even photographers have breaks and sometimes people get missed.

Parking at all events is onsite and there will always be someone there to guide you. Look out for the Muddy Hell flags and follow the signage.

Please be patient though as sometimes the car parks can get busy. Arriving early always helps.

Parking in some venues is free and sometimes there is a small fee of $2.

Any parking fees get donated directly to charity.

In the adults courses there are water crossings, usually the water is only chest deep but if you are unsure please ask the volunteer at the obstacle or ask a competent swimmer to go ahead of you.

If you dont like water just walk around, There is no penalties for skipping the water and we would rather you were safe.

Not at all, most people can finish the Muddy Hell course it just varies on how long it will take.
Muddy Hell is about fun, teamwork and having a challenge but its not a competition you are not required to do anything or any obstacle you are not comfortable with. Just skip it and walk round.
Hell yes, we have the best kids obstacle course bar none.

Muddy Hell kids runs at various venues around Victoria around 4 times a year.

Check out the event page for next Muddy Hell kids near you.

Yes, Muddy Hell employs professional medical staff at every event to ensure your safety. Every obstacle is built with safety in mind and checked and double checked before every event.
Absolutely, if there were no spectators who would cheer you on, congratulate you on your achievement and take photos of you finishing and getting a medal.

Spectators are not only welcome but they are free too so bring your cheer squad.

Muddy Hell is an all weather event, quite simply more rain equals more mud and more mud equals way more fun.
Sorry guys but Muddy Hell cannot give refunds for any reason.

Refunds for event companies make events too risky to run as we cannot get refunds on fees we pay for you to attend.

We can however organise tranfers to another person or another event. Get in touch and let us know. See the contact us page for details.